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Professional Services

Pynical offers a wide verity of professional services. We have the experienced people to meet your needs and augement your staff. Finding experienced resources in today's market is tough and keeping them for any length of time is even tougher. Don't let budget concerns and shifting business models become a road-block to maintaining your project time lines.

Project Management

Pynical's consultants apply their experience and technical knowledge to each step of the project. We place emphasis on three key factors required for a successful project: project management, documentation, and customer service. Throughout each phase of the project, our clients can expect proactive management and meticulous documentation so they can receive a high performance environment that meets the most stringent regulations and requirements.

Throughout othe engagement, we provide reports on open issues, communication plans, project plans and risk management. Our methodology ensures we deliver on time, and aligned to our clients business goals.

Network Engineering

Pynical's experienced team of network engineers is capable of designing, configuring, updating, maintaining and monitoring even the most complex IT infrastructures. Our team is responsible for the overall health of the network, server deployment, security and ensuring network connectivity. They work with a variety of environments and vendors, from professional offices to small businesses, from government agencies to large corporations. Our network engineers are well-versed in the latest technologies and receive ongoing training, certifications and performance reviews.

System Engineering

Our systems architecture team specialize in creating streamlined server-based solutions that optimize uptime and network performance based on a company's needs. Experienced at implementing solutions across multiple verticals, our systems consultants understand how networks function and which technologies are best suited for specific operations and requirements.

Desktop Support

Our Desktop Support team works on-site, hand-in-hand with our clients users and managment staff. They are fully versed in and certified in multiple platforms and OS images. Pynical keeps our team imformed on the latest technologies and provide ongoing training, certifications and performance reviews. From Desktop imaging and Printers to troubleshooting on-going issues and support, our curtious staff provide the best service at a fraction of the cost. Ask us about our special Deal!

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